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George, Gus and Jack

According to the majority of our family, this is the most important page of the entire blog!

We’ve been clever enough to avoid having any human children; we prefer the furry ones instead. We love our boys, and they are a very important part of our family. They are presented here by seniority.

Our big guy: George

Our big guy: George (click for full picture)

George — We lost George on the way to finishing a house named Fred. He was very much a part of the process, and carefully supervised the drawing, design, and construction of the house, but unhappily didn’t make it to see Fred become a reality. We miss him terribly.

George was a Maine Coon, which meant he was big. Big enough that delivery people genuinely startled when they first met him and invariably asked “Does he bite?!”

For the record: He did not.

It would have been beneath his station to engage in such a crude and primitive interaction. George was our elder statescat; he came from fine champion bloodlines.  Well deserving of respect.

Even though he had never been shown on the circuit, none of us doubts that George was well aware of his royal championship stature. He would not hesitate to make others aware of it as well, should they dare to not offer him the respect and attention that was his birthright. His name from his breeder was ‘King Tut’. Laura changed Royal families on him, but he still bears the name of a King, albeit one famous for his exuberant insanity.


Our middle guy: Gus (click for full picture)

Gus — Gus is our middle guy, at least in age. He was the kitten of a stray mom (the mom was feline, just to be pedantically clear) that Laura fed and took care of. One day, Gus figured out that the food always seemed to come out of that nice warm, dry house that they hung out next to, and had the very bold and bright idea to just start to hang out inside, where the food already was. He has liked the extra attention ever since.

We have a cat care book that says it is possible for cat caregivers to pet and cuddle their cats too much, and that their cats will eventually tire of that behavior.

Gus refuses to read that book.

Our "little" guy: Jack (click for a really full picture)

Our “little” guy: Jack (click for a really full picture)

Jack — Jack is the newest member of the family, and when he found Kevin, he was small enough to fit completely in one of Kevin’s hands. He was only about three weeks old, and had an eye infection that had stuck one of his eyes closed, so, naturally, he had to be named (one-eyed) Jack.

Jack is no longer small enough to fit in anyone’s hand. We could be cited by Caltrans if we allowed him out of the house without attaching a “Wide Load” sign and assigning a chase vehicle. Luckily all our cats are of the indoor variety, so we have outrun the long reach of the law yet again. At least all the sweets that have gone into him have had an influence on his personality; he is a truly sweet boy, and is fun to cuddle with.

For short periods.

Until breathing becomes labored due to the load on one’s chest. Luckily Fred will be designed and approved by structural engineers, so Jack will not be in immediate danger.

Those are our boys! We’re designing all kinds of special places, perches, paths and structures inside Fred so that these guys get to lead the best lives we can possibly give them. In exchange, they are all committed to maintaining a constant and visible layer of cat hair on all our clothing.

We find that deal to be more than fair.

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