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making a commitment

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 by

So today we’re really there.  Still saying we might buy a house, but that’s a façade only we believe (and we don’t).  Mostly me.

We wrote a check—and signed our names and the date to the agreement to have them do the study.

So we’ve committed.  To having a design/build firm start working on our “program,” which for some bizarre reason is architect-speak for the plan to build our house.  I have a strong hunch that we’re both about to learn a whole new corporate-speak language, much like “new paradigm” and “facilitate” and “iterative” crept into every conversation at work in the 90’s now we’ll learn why they call it a “program” and probably whatever the modern architect’s words are for floor, ceiling, and airy open space.

To get to this point, we have been through several epiphanies—some of them painful—and a therapist, with me learning to deal with the stress of what’s certain to be about two years of uncertainty, and with Kevin learning how to relax and let me approach this home-building process my own way.  Though he still wants me to read all the books he has collected on how to work with an architect, how to work with a builder, how to work through the way the architect works with the builder and why the builder hates the architect while the architect condescends to the builder.  (Good thing we’ve already let our architect know we have a lot of books.)

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