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our load-bearing… bear?

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 by
Freddybear, our construction supervisor

Freddybear, our construction supervisor

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Freddybear. Freddybear was named in honor of our soon-to-be-built new modernist house, which is named “Fred”. Our grand and glorious plan is to have Freddybear appear every now and again to show off the progress we are making as Fred comes oh-so-slowly to life, in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC.

Laura loves teddy bears—and I love Laura—hence there are numerous bears living throughout our house, each symbolic of a significant shared life event, hobby, trip, or at the very least, too damn cute to not bring home. We’ve got red, white and blue bears, racing bears, superhero bears, and even a matching bride and groom set of bears. So it just seemed natural that, as we embark on this big adventure, we needed to bring another bear into our family to commemorate the occasion.

So, Freddybear came into being for Laura’s Birthentine’s day, courtesy of the wonderful people at Vermont Teddy Bear, who—speaking of building— have probably been able to build at least a wing, if not a whole house, based solely on my patronage over the years. Nota bene for other guys such as myself who may from time to time find themselves in a little hot water with members of the fairer sex: Although slightly pricier than flowers, customized bears are much more effective when assistance is called for in order to get back into the aforementioned person’s good graces. Well worth the investment; of course, ymmv.

Laura and I look forward to sharing our building stories and experiences with you; watch this space for updates from Freddybear!

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