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medically thwarted

Saturday, July 24th, 2010 by

We had everything set up.  The movers, the utilities off here and on there, the new rental house ready to accept its new occupants (us), the RV to take across the U.S. with our three furry kids in it so as not to traumatize them with a TSA experience in an airport.  (Cats hate having to take the laptop out of the bag unless they can climb into the bag themselves.  But they gloat about not having to take off shoes.)

The anticipation was nearly over, the move imminent.  Then I had to do something silly and go see the doctor when my body acted strangely for its age.

Now we’re on hold.  For a short time, we hope.  If all goes well, the thing found on an ultrasound will turn out to be benign, they’ll cut that sucker out of me along with the other nearby organs I no longer need or use, and we’ll be on our way in a month or so.

But in the meantime we have this suspended thing going; some boxes packed, pieces of furniture marked with pink Post-It notes as headed for the Salvation Army’s good works.  We are paying to rent two houses, trying to keep the post office from returning the mail that’s started to come to the new one so our housesitter can send it to us.

The surgery that will tell us when we can finally move happens in two days.  Tenterhooks until then.

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