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Archive for August, 2010

from needles to smoky bear

August 18th, 2010 by

Planning our RV trip across America (why does it feel like Albert Brooks should be joining us?), and we’re making reservations at RV parks recommended by the good folks in the Good Sam club.  Our first stop is in Needles, California, which set me to wondering why the town got that name…there’s probably a great story there, but on the other hand these things often turn out to be based on something as pedestrian as having lots of pine trees.  Along the way we’ll hit the Enchanted Trails, toss a coin in Twin Fountains, and say hi to Smoky Bear before we finally come to rest on High Meadow Road.

America is a picturesque place, she is, and it’s a shame we’re in a hurry to get to our new home.  These place names provoke the imagination and just flat demand more exploration than we’ll have time to do.

on the road (again)

August 8th, 2010 by

The doctor had good news, and once the little laparoscopy wounds heal up we’re on our way.

I can’t wait. If we could be there now, I’d make it so (apologies to Star Trek: Next Generation fans). Toughest part is staying put and giving the body time to recover. There is so much to do: get the mover lined up, get our RV here to chauffeur our three felines to their new home, get rid of a few more things we just don’t need to move.

Thanks to my bestest friend, a woman I’ve known since 10th grade (that makes us both, oh, 29) at Euclid High School, we found the perfect guy to drive our RV from NC here to us in CA. He’s a champion truck-rodeo driver and an all-around sweetheart with a farm in Tennessee.

The movers are almost set, just settling on a definite date.

Tomorrow we go in for my surgery follow-up, and barring any surprises we’ll get this baby on the road. Oughta be just in time for the South’s second-most-beautiful weather, fall, when the leaves make the scenery a riot of fiery color.