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Archive for July, 2011

bathroom fixtures, as they say

July 14th, 2011 by

So it’s coming down to this: picking toilets.  And faucets.  And, most important, the bathtub, which MUST be long enough and deep enough for me to cover myself in bubbly warm water with only my head emerging.  Don’t need jets, or whirlpool stuff; just long enough and deep enough.

As to toilets…I kind of like the cute ones, like this:

Did you know a friggin’ toilet can cost a thousand dollars?  Or more?  That you can get toilet seats that are also bidets–with colored lights, music, and a remote control?

This is crazy.

I mean, I like pretty things as much as the next girl.

And of course I want my bathroom to be …nice.

But a thousand dollars for a toilet?

How about $10,000 for a tub?

I think I’ve found my bathtub, and it doesn’t cost ten thousand.  Just a little over one thousand dollars (!). It’s five-and-a-half feet long, just like me, and deep, with a special valve that lets you fill it WAY up.  No bubbles.  No jets.  No colored lights, or music, or aromatherapy; just white and long and deep.