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house school…not school house

Friday, April 27th, 2012 by

Ever notice how the different things in your life sometimes converge in ways you might not have expected?  One of us decided to go back to school upon arriving here in our new home town, and the purpose had nothing to do with building a house.  But as it’s turned out, the two intertwined when this one needed a topic for a multimedia project–something she could videotape interviews about, create Flash graphics about (you don’t want to know what a pain that is, if you don’t already know), design a website about.  Here’s the more-or-less final result, which will–when you get to the About page–send you right back here.  Life is just full of endless loops.

As a teaser, though, here’s one of the still (not Flash) graphics you’ll see there:

JPG graphic of house exterior

Fred 2.0 from the east

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