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on our marks; get set…

Friday, July 6th, 2012 by

Within a couple of months, we’ll begin construction–and start seeing concrete (sorry, Leon, for the builder joke) evidence of all the hours of prep work we’ve put in in the last year and a half..  Thanks today to our architects, the folks at in situ studio, for sending this rendering of Fred to us on the eve of our vacation.

We’ve ironed out most of the details–down to, yes, the red wall you see here–and the color of the seamed-steel exteriLovely rendering of a house named Fredor, as well as the bathtub for me, the shower for him, and the cat facilities.

I do appreciate how gorgeous Matt et al at in situ have made both of us look in this rendering.  Need to find a red dress like that to wear for the photo once we’re finished.


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One Response to “on our marks; get set…”

  1. Lin says:

    Congratulations! You will probably be able to vacation with a peaceful mind. The house is looking great…do you need a whole new red wardrobe to go with it? LOL? Sending hugs…..

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