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Archive for August, 2012

keep ‘er footin’

August 31st, 2012 by

That headline is an obscure reference probably only one person still in my life would get–it has to do with a skipper on a racing sailboat, something they called an Ensign back in the day, who used to exhort his crew to “keep ‘er footin'” when they were on an upwind leg. “Footing” referred to the ability to sail faster by dropping a bit off the wind, taking the chance that even though your line to the mark in a race wasn’t as tight as the boat next to you you’d make up the time in faster hull speed.

It almost works here, too.  Our indefatigable builder, Leon, and his superintendent Myron have done a bangup job of keepin’ us footin’.  The house is only 10 days old, as far as construction goes, and we have our footings.  (Another word meaning there–see number 3–but still sort of applicable.)  Which are, for those of us who are ignorant of construction terms, the very basis of the house; the foundation to the foundation, as it were.  The hard parts that dig into the dirt, like your toes would into the sand if you were walking on the beach.

digging it

August 27th, 2012 by

A few new photos, as the big yellow machines dig our foundation.  First you see the beginning of our driveway, then several shots of the house site with the carved-out sections for foundation and crawl space.

It’s starting to look like a house!

the first stake is driven!

August 24th, 2012 by

It was just coincidence that your blogger showed up at the site today when the first stake was about to be driven into the ground, marking the exact location of our house-to-be. The stake is right at our front door, at the corner marking the transition to the garage.

Surveyor Jonathan Fleener handed me the flag and showed me how to spot the location (though he actually did it, so we’re sure it was correct). Here’s the sequence:

First I act like I know what I’m doing with modern (very cool) surveying equipment, then I take the flag on a wire and stick it into the ground.  The ground, being red clay, was very hard and Jonathan had to come over after the photo shoot and hammer the flag into the ground.

Laura sticks flag in ground

Siting our front door!

Laura plays surveyor

Fred's mom pretending she's a surveyor

let’s give them something to talk about

August 21st, 2012 by


It’s really real today!  The earth movers (and shakers?) started tearing out trees and clearing the space for our driveway today.  Fred is being born!

The pains of childbirth are probably worse–I’ll never know about that–but the time it’s taken to get to this day suddenly seems much less now that actual physical evidence of our soon-to-be-house is there to see.

Here are a couple still photos: