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almost ready for his close-up!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 by

First, my apologies that there haven’t been any updates to the blog for over a year. That’s bad blogging of the highest order. The reason is that we’ve been a little busy with life, school and stuff. My lovely bride is well on her way to getting her PhD, hot on the tail of completing her M.A. last year about this time. Somehow I got sucked into the higher education vortex as well, and thanks to a guest lecture gig arranged by my favorite grad student—yes, I do mean my wife—I landed a job teaching a ‘Concepts of Marketing’ class to advanced undergrads. I really enjoy it, but it does tend to take up more time than one might think.

So, enough about us; what about Fred? Well, he’s finally going to get photographed next month—at least the parts of him that are comfortable in front of the camera. In the interim, I thought I would post a couple sneak-peak beauty shots that I took last Fall when the colors were at their peak. (click on the pics for the in-full-glory versions…)

Fred's lovely front side...

Fred’s lovely front side…

...and his, err.... side-side?

…and his, err…. side-side?

He’s looking pretty good if we do say so ourselves, and with only a small bit of Photoshopping involved to boot!

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