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catching up really fast.

May 16th, 2015 by

I just felt nostalgic, and like writing, and went back to read our first post, here. It has been a long time since I’ve written much, because I’ve been a little busy going to grad school.


It still feels weird to say it, and as my friend Stephanie Mahin puts it, I feel a case of impostor syndrome. But I’m starting the dissertation-writing process. And Kevin’s working for the whole big UNCGA thing, helping get an inter-campus online university going, which is incredibly exciting. Many changes, much still to come…it’s invigorating, but in some ways feels strange. Remember the way you felt in your twenties, roaring to go, seeing nothing but the future ahead of you, believing deeply in your dreams? Yep. But now my joints also ache most of the time, and the face in the mirror doesn’t always look as energetic as my mind feels.

This house helps. Waking up way too early (3am, 4am,…tonight 2am) and drinking coffee, just listening to the house, the crickets outside, talking to the cats. We still don’t have a finished hallway, which bugs me much more than it bugs him (hint, hint), but things are looking up and I’m looking at an eventful year.

A couple pictures from the past year help illustrate the sorts of things that have been happening here at Fred, and with his people….sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

May 16th, 2015 by

RoseBreastedGrosbeak 2014-08-04 12.25.52 2014-06-24 13.51.31 2014-12-25 06.40.16 2014-12-31 07.25.36 2015-04-28 06.46.02 AtTheRaces_Charlotte PRCampaignsDec42012 ChristmasDesk2012 St.AugustineBeach EnoWildflowers2 FredatNight2 EnoRiverCreek LauraKevinatraces KeepCalmGoHeelsThumb TodayIAmAnExpertIn FriendsSchoolRoadFeb142014 WhiteAzaleasOriginal KarensGlass KellyandJustin BrooksandKylah LauraPlantationHouse SadaWinstonJason lamarshall ProfsDoor 2012-07-13 02.20.22 SnowyBirdhouseFeb182015 2015-02-26 08.10.40 ProblemSolved hbm ScreenedPorchFeb262015 Laura and Wool E. Cemetery2 2015-02-26 06.02.13 DrivewayOutFeb262015

this is really starting to go to his head…

April 24th, 2015 by

Apparently we have a rival for Fred’s affection. It seems that we are not the only ones who love Fred; Dwell Magazine has decided that Fred is a house that they love too.

Fred and Dwell, sittin’ in a tree…

We’re not too worried though; we think it’s just a crush. We understand that all young modernist houses go through this phase. We just have to wait it out.

almost ready for his close-up!

April 17th, 2014 by

First, my apologies that there haven’t been any updates to the blog for over a year. That’s bad blogging of the highest order. The reason is that we’ve been a little busy with life, school and stuff. My lovely bride is well on her way to getting her PhD, hot on the tail of completing her M.A. last year about this time. Somehow I got sucked into the higher education vortex as well, and thanks to a guest lecture gig arranged by my favorite grad student—yes, I do mean my wife—I landed a job teaching a ‘Concepts of Marketing’ class to advanced undergrads. I really enjoy it, but it does tend to take up more time than one might think.

So, enough about us; what about Fred? Well, he’s finally going to get photographed next month—at least the parts of him that are comfortable in front of the camera. In the interim, I thought I would post a couple sneak-peak beauty shots that I took last Fall when the colors were at their peak. (click on the pics for the in-full-glory versions…)

Fred's lovely front side...

Fred’s lovely front side…

...and his, err.... side-side?

…and his, err…. side-side?

He’s looking pretty good if we do say so ourselves, and with only a small bit of Photoshopping involved to boot!